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About Youth portfolio

This portfolio is focused at achieving a reduction in the unemployed rates for the youths. The intent is to tool and empower the youth to become contributing citizens and in many areas to become apart of the job creation process. The policy direction is,

“To seek greater opportunities for the empowerment of our young people,

especially in the face of youth unemployment and a commensurate broadening

of the cohort of youth at risk.”

The objectives include to:

  1. Strengthen the legislative and policy framework of the youth development portfolio
  2. Empower our youth through leadership, mentorship and volunteerism. 
  3. Provide young people with the tools to be competitive both locally and globally.
  4. Facilitate alternative avenues for self-employment and financial independence for the youth and the population in general. 
  5. Identify, provide information or facilitate the creation of  opportunities for the unattached youth

Youth and Adolescent Programe is being supported by:


The Ministry of Youth and Culture has refocused what was the Youth Division, to become the Youth and Adolescent Policy Division. The National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD) which has in effect, notwithstanding the name, been the Youth Division of the Ministry since its reassignment to the Ministry of Youth and Culture portfolio.. The newly created agency will take over the operational activities of youth development.  The Division promotes youth development and empowerment; and actively lobbies and advocates for better conditions and public investment and involvement in young people.  The focus is the creation of an effective policy development and implementation framework in an effort to foster an environment which promotes self-actualization and empowerment. This also includes the development of special initiatives geared at providing opportunities for youth marketability and employment, and capacity building for our nation’s youth.

The permanent establishment of the Programme Development contract positions will be sought for 2015/2016. This as the central Ministry in seeking to become policy focused, will retain policy development, programme development, and add monitoring and evaluation functions, with policy and programme implementation residing in the Youth Development Agency.


The National Youth Service (NYS) has the vision to create a powerful youth citizenry; constructive in cultural and social relations and productive in wealth creation.  To realize this promise, NYS is focused on:

  • Facilitating career development among young people through exposure to training and different career options.
  • Socializing Jamaica’s youth in the core values and attitudes as part of the effort to create an enhanced sense of citizenship and commitment
  • Encouraging youth to give service in fulfillment of national objectives


The Possibility Programme is designed for the unattached youth and provides resources and support for street children in an effort to improve their life chances.  The following are the objectives of the programme:

  • To develop a coordinated approach to the social problem of street children
  • To remove children and youth from the street and enroll them in a structured project for skills training
  • To assist with the integration of children and youth with their families and/or schools.
  • The Possibility Programme is funded from the Capital A Budget and provides a place for accommodation for a number of street boys.