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Youth Minister hands over Equipment for Art for Life Programme at Maxfield Park Children's Home
Published by: Marvel Gordon
Reference #: myc191
Date Published: Tuesday 10, Mar 2015

The Minister of Youth andCulture, the Honourable Lisa Hanna, through partnership with the CHASE Fund,today, handed over $250,000 worth of musical instruments and equipment to theMaxfield Park Children’s Home for the Art for Life Programme.

Followingthe successful launch at the SouthCamp Road Correctional Facility, the Art for Life programme is now being rolledout in a number of Children’s Home, Places of Safety and JuvenileCorrectional Facilities across the island. This donation to Maxfield Park formspart of the overall contribution from CHASE, who have committed $5 million topurchase instruments, equipment and supplies for the project; as well as toprovide stipends for instructors.
Speaking atthe handing over ceremony, the Minister said the ultimate plan is to affordchildren who are placed in these institutions an opportunity to participate inextracurricular activities in terms of music, drama, dance, sports andmentorship. She also noted that it is crucial for these children to havesimilar opportunities and experiences as other children across the country.
“Art forLife was something that was conceived because we wanted our girls and boys tonot only learn music but to express themselves through creativity, dance, dubpoetry and art. It took away a lot of the post traumatic stress and it givesthem an opportunity to remove some of the things that they were experiencingwhile also developing their creativity and their talent,” the Minister added.

The Art forLife Programme is a comprehensivevisual and performing arts initiative that was introduced to female juvenilesat the South Camp Road Correctional Facility and is aimed at providing wards ofthe state with an outlet for creative expression. Aspects of the programme alsodeal with therapy and personal development.

The Ministeralso used the opportunity to thank the Board of Directors at Maxfield Park fortheir valued input and unwavering support and encouraged the wards at thefacility to speak upabout unfavourable incidents or experiences that they or their peers mighthave.

“I want tosay to the children here at Maxfield and other homes that we haveresponsibility for, or children outside of the home, or probably a child thatyou know at school who is experiencing something, please bring it to ourattention. We might be able to not only save a life physically but we will beable to save a human being that will become someone who is extraordinary”Minister Hanna said.

PublicRelations Manager at CHASE, Ms Hilary Coulton highlighted that the Fund isdeeply committed to the programme and pledged their continued support aspartners in the long term development of the nation’s youth.

The Art forLife Programme will also be implemented at the Metcalfe Street Secure JuvenileRemand Centre by the end of this academic term.

Source: Ministry of Youth and Culture

Youth Minister hands over Equipment for Art for Life Programme at Maxfield Park Children's Home